The transformation Vernagallo Style© are unique, as a result of technical staff artisian skills and Giovanni Vernagallo’s stylistic intuitions.

Brand model series:

Vehicle type:
500  (epoca)
500 (vintage)

Type of transformation:

Stylist modifications:

The essential feature of this model is not having the roof. Keeping the doors has given shape to a true convertible and classical style, with a compact and sleek line.
Comfort is guaranteed by the ease of access to the vehicle.
Weather open or closed, the Fiat 500 Cabriolet Holiday is able to arouse great interest in all the fans of this kind of unique vehicles.
The stylistic appearance is enhanced by the original use of both the bodywork and upholstery colours.
The capote completes the style of this original Fiat 500 Cabriolet Holiday.

Structural interventions:

The whole body has been adequately reinforced, starting from the floor and sides. The steel reinforcements are of various types and sizes, such as plates, molded cases and tubular.
The windscreen ring has also been reinforced, thus, ensuring the safety of the passenger.
The doors have maintained their original opening, locks, hinges, window deflectors and descendants.
A new cross has been created close to the back seats, and suitably shaped in such a way that the convertible top can be “open-top”, which completes the structure of the new model.


The capote of the Fiat 500 Cabriolet Holiday is the classic capote with easy handling and manual. The right position in “covered roof” is maintained by special arches, while the attachment to the body is made by steel buttons with snap closure. A cover-capote, combined with the colours of the model, completes the special vehicle.

Interior, upholstery, vimini, twisted willow:

The new layout of seats and upholstery provide to the customer the possibility to chose both a waterproof marine leatherette, or another marine type.


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