The transformation Vernagallo Style© are unique, as a result of technical staff artisian skills and Giovanni Vernagallo’s stylistic intuitions.

Brand model series:

Vehicle type:
500  (epoca)
500 (vintage)

Type of transformation:

Stylist modifications:

The Beach version of the Fiat 500 (70’s) is inspired by the original model of the beach car “500 Jolly.”
The essential feature of this model is that it does not have any door and the roof of the car can be used as a tender to and from the beaches.
The line created by the Fiat 500 Beach Vernagallo Style© has been designed according to requirements of functionality, safety and appearance of a classic beach car.
The comfort is guaranteed by the extreme ease of access to the passenger compartment.
This version of the Fiat 500 is particularly suitable for the hosting/ tourism industry and leisure.

Structural interventions:

After the removal of the roof and of all the glazed parts, except the windshield, the whole body has been adequately reinforced starting from the floor and half-sized sides.
The steel reinforcements are of various types and sizes, such as plates, molded boxes and tubular.
The uprights (right/left) of the windscreen have been reinforced with the addition of a steel bar (round full) suitably shaped and welded both to the original upright and to the side structure of the body, thus contributing to the stiffness of the windshield ring.


The Fiat 500 Beach model of Vernagallo Style© includes the provision of a waterproof canvas awning in the color chosen by the customer.
As O.P.T. (Optional) a complete roof with separable panels is provided.
The structure of the awning is composed of tubular steel suitably bent and fixed to the car body.

Interior, upholstery, vimini, twisted willow:

The Fiat 500 Beach model of Vernagallo Style© provides a new production of seats and upholstery that are made to the customer in marine waterproof fabric or in leatherette, again, a marine type.
It I provided as OPT, an original staging composed of new seats constructed in suitably curved tubular, both frontal and rear, and then processed and coated with woven wicker, thus giving to the model the classic look of a beach car of the past.


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